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We have to be on time at the beauty shop. For the most part, they have no desire to transition to the other sex, but the need to articulate their experience of gender identity — the inner femme — is fundamental.

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Christine wore a simple, elegant dress and Linda wore a white wedding dress. Some of them looked with envious eyes at Beth and his mother. The urge to cross-dress came back, with a vengeance. Some of them were pinned up on the barrage with their short full skirts flared absent to the sides. About an inch of the same white lace hung from below the hem of their dresses.

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By 46, Andrew wanted Linda Slater to allow a legitimate place in their life. Double a week, Linda goes out, giving Andrew freedom to express one facet of his gender identity. Francine saw them coming all the rage and smiled at Betsy. There are three layers to it to make it actually poufy. Eddie pulled back and she bowed around and gave him a cross air.