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But for it received a special exception, any existing adult entertainment establishment that did not assure the distance and spacing requirements became a nonconforming use as of January 26, All the rage their Motions, Plaintiffs are seeking preliminary en route for enjoin the County from enforcing the Zoning Ordinance on or after its effective appointment of January 26, through the time after a final judgment has been reached all the rage this case.

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The Zoning Ordinance does not prohibit adult activity establishments from operating, rather it restricts the sites at which they may operate. En route for determine whether a given regulation that potentially limits speech is content-based or content-neutral, courts look primarily to the respective government's aim in enacting the regulation. Ordinance the Authoritarian Ordinance , which was to become actual on March 16, , imposes criminal after that civil sanctions for sexual activity at fully developed bookstores and adult video stores, in array to curb the spread of the being immunodeficiency virus HIV , acquired immune absence syndrome AIDS , and other sexually transmitted diseases. Temporarily enjoining the enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance also serves those members of the public who choose to patronize Plaintiffs' businesses. See Broward County, F. Legal Accepted To prevail on a motion for beginning injunction, the plaintiff must establish that:

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Ahead of this case was removed to federal ask for, a state court temporarily enjoined the District from enforcing the Regulatory Ordinance. Johns District, F. In fact, in upholding the constitutionality of the city's ordinance, the Court clearly concluded that the method chosen by the city indeed was narrowly tailored to add what the Court already had held was a substantial government interest. Planning Agency, F. It is desirable, therefore, to locate these adult oriented activities away from residential areas and public facilities used frequently by minors such as schools, churches, parks, libraries, after that day care centers. The preliminary injunction bidding issue if Plaintiffs can satisfy their affliction with respect to any one of these claims.

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The Zoning Ordinance's requirement that adult entertainment establishments not operate within one thousand 1, feet of one another has been held en route for be narrowly tailored by other courts. Altogether three of the above circumstances apply by least in part in this case. Hernandez, Robert Keeler, and Barbara S. Chapter of Association of Gen. In order to affect whether Plaintiffs have a substantial likelihood of prevailing on the merits of their At the outset Amendment claim, the Court will analyze the extent to which the Zoning Ordinance satisfies each of these three constitutional requirements.

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