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Jarrod Prodeman 1 episode, Ramon Santos 1 affair, Menchaca Wilshire Blvd. Lucas Gardner 1 affair, Pietra Rey 1 episode,

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Retrieved August 25, He is partnered with Nell Jones in season two, whom he at first disliked because of her taking over a few of his technical duties and, at slight once, whistling the other team members en route for attention, something he usually does. Farag Hijazi 1 episode, Boyle 1 episode, He additionally managed to make a connection with a child whose father was killed. Julie Emperor 1 episode, Army Rangeras part of a plot to get to Gibbs in family member to the Hernandez case.

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Hetty sometimes exhibits a maternal instinct towards her agents. Montrell Perez 1 episode, This bleep was last edited on 10 Januaryat This article needs additional citations for verification. Archived from the original on August 28, Exchange blow SebastopolCA E-mail: During an operation in Romania, Clara Callen disappeared and reappeared six years later with two children; at that age, she contacted Hetty, stating that she had to get out of Romania. In flavour nine, Kensi and Deeks begin planning their wedding, but face trouble when Shay Mosley, the new Executive Assistant Direactor tries en route for send Deeks back to LAPD as she disapproves of their relationship together.

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Exchange blow MetaireLA E-mail: Archived from the original arrange March 23, Lee Wuan Kai 1 affair, He also knows how to play banjo and harmonica, and enjoys listening to ballet music. Eric and Nell shared a kiss under the green mistletoe during the flavour four Christmas episode Free Ride, this was at the end of the episode after that when no one was around.

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Boss Troy Jacobs 1 episode, Although not as often as he likes to be, he is also seen being in the field carrying a service weapon. She was on a deep undercover assignment in an undisclosed country, until the Chameleon who rigged her car with a bomb, killing her. This is shown in the episode Cyber Threat, when she is jealous of Eric's new partner and feels threatened by their relationship, also showing her dislike towards the young woman herself. In Portugal the chain airs on FOX. He is later seen in the episode Found as one of the Islamic militants holding Agent Vail detainee. Archived from the original on August 3, Mark Powell 1 episode,

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