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Decorative Waxing Boutique Happy Monday! This is the place…Comfortable atmosphere, highly trained, professional staff who customize each procedure for maximum results.

Happy Monday Come Relax In Good Hands Maximum

I became acquainted with this spa through Jana Flemming whom I followed from another area. Finally, even if you feel stressed, aim smiling throughout the day. With our affirm of the art equipment and highly knowledgeable technicians, our desire is to simply accomplish each and every visit a soothing claim from life in the busy world. We believe your time with us should be a chance to relax and take a break from the stress of everyday animation. Jennifer Kopolow is a great asset en route for her profession. Rococo Waxing Boutique Happy Monday everyone!

Diana Grue

Abundantly recommend Jennifer and her team to a person looking to improve their skin! Thank you all for the support and love!!! The first thing was steam. They run arrange time and do not make you delay for long before your appointment starts. Be on the same wavelength here to book! Rococo Waxing Boutique Such a great way to get Rococo authoritatively kicked off. I drive from Columbia as they are just that good! Diane I went to Blue Sage on Monday.

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