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Femininity Shop Extasis De Amor. Local 20 y 21, Cl.

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Not so good looking girls, but not abysmal for the area it is in. Black Building, no number, next to Calle 86a Dance , Carrera 14 Parque de la 93 Lots of other places in the Area: Cra 14A No 66 — 60 Entrada por la calle Calle 67 16, unmarked door between 05 and

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DanceCarrera 14 Monday to Saturday10am to 9pm, Sunday 10am to 7pm. Sex and extras designed for cheap. Not so good looking girls, although not bad for the area it is in. Calle 84 and 14 Carrera. It has the same owner as above. Carrera 15Mezzanine 9. Calle 93 and Carrera

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