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The most bizarre request of recent memory was someone who wanted me to piss arrange them.

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Accurate submission is earned. No cattle prods, denial branding. For that I have excellent conceal. I have only found one guy who was good with this situation and he was just a terrible person. Oh, after that no 'Daddy' or 'Mommy' talk.

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Individual thing that I could never get addicted to is the finger in the arse agreement. I like it a little rough, after that I like to be tied up, nor am I afraid to hint or absolute say so. Also, I had a boyfriend who was into role playing. Really not an area that needs attention. Oh, after that no 'Daddy' or 'Mommy' talk. It's akin to ordering chicken fingers at a Michelin best restaurant — simply not as appealing at the same time as the other options. I have only bring into being one guy who was good with this situation and he was just a appalling person. The costumes and the storylines were amazing! I also enjoy hair pulling, bites, slaps and bondage.

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