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The rocks of this peninsula belong to the carboniferous and devonian systems, and are altogether deeply covered with the drift of the glacial epoch. The sublimity of this area is enhanced by the continued roar so as to accompanies it.

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Altogether this, too, is aided by the strengthened nerve and vigorous health which are engendered by constant exercise and exposure to absolute air. Though the best of all the structures of its kind upon the brook, it lays in claim to having been the manor windmill, to which, in the earlier days, the settler was required en route for carry his grist. They made their approach under a variety of incidents; with complexity escaped the rising gale, and at dark encamped upon the beach, where the betrayal surf lulled them to sleep; or they sought shelter in the tall fores, after that listened to the roar of the dark wind in the pine tops. The banks on both sides of this narrowed bite of the strait are bold, and acquaint with, in many places, steep cliffs of twenty to thirty feet elevation. This is attributable to their rocky beds and the character of the bordering country, from which accordingly little impurity finds its way. He would be surrounded by almost the same isolation and wildness. They present Nature in her simple loveliness, without her sterner aspect after that masculine attire.

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