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My son, Sonny Weicker, has been educated below that law.

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Not initially that's right. So in other words, it seems like you guys didn't acquire any response back. I like the creative name because it reminds me of the fact that until that law was accepted people with disabilities couldn't get an culture in a public school. Which brings me to the last point, which is all and sundry thinks that sort of warm and ambiguous thoughts about Ronald Reagan. And we at once know, it use to be that ancestor said 'Oh education only counts for a person when you're in your teens', we at once know it counts from the minute you're born. Well, the only thing I'd add together Senator is that in direct answer en route for your question Tom I don't think ancestor here in Connecticut or around the countryside really knew what then-President Reagan had proposed namely to repeal this law; do absent with it; take it off the books, and to cut the funding way approach back. He tried to cut this program so that the education would not be available, and I think


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