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As a rule you can rent a room for a minimum of one to three hours all through the day, called a rest, or designed for the whole night, called a stay, which usually starts after 10 pm.

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The room charges are reasonable, and the beyond decor makes it a fun experience. The room I stayed in was a bit like a traditional Japanese Inn, with tatami on the floor and sliding paper barrier doors. Devin, Japan Very nice hotel so as to I got for a great price. The room I stayed in was the Princess Suite and is quite spacious. The rooms are equipped according to their purpose along with large double beds, a television offering erotic programs, a nice bathroom , etc. Not only the guests of the hotel although also the people in Kyoto enjoy the full line-up of restaurants, as well at the same time as amenities including the jewelry shop, the construction of Kyoto local specialties Tax-free Shop , and the beauty salon. The bulk of Love Hotel rooms are simply nice; the accentuative touches include bevelled edges, many mirrors, large TVs with Karaoke, big bathtubs, the Golf channel.

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