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Yaldabaoth sees humans as little more than cattle and lemmings for him to rule, anticipate to their self-destructiveness and stupidity.

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Completing his Confidant, Morgana's Persona evolves into Mercurius. As a Confidant, Futaba represents the Loner Arcana [26] and provides detailed locations after that extra assistance in battle. Her mother encourages her media appearances, and promotes her Japanese idol to her dismay when she would rather be praised for her shogi skills. Shiho's subsequent suicide attempt convinces the central character and Ryuji to change his heart. Her Persona is Carmen , [22] whom Hashino describes as a femme fatale character.

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Ryuji was formerly the star runner on Shujin Academy's track and field team. Confidants[ alter ] Like previous Persona titles, progression of the characters' skills is based on their level of bonding with non-player characters. After she completes her Confidant, Makoto's Persona evolves into Anat. Analytical, she can deduce conclusions, theorize in several situations, and make build on plans to succeed. After the flow is cut off and the Grail is beaten, the chalice merges with his arena en route for become a giant, robotic, faceless angel who can manifest a gun, bell, sword, after that book with each of his four arms. She becomes more motivated after treating a young patient with a similar illness; after the protagonist changes the heart of her former colleague, she saves a former patient's life and regains her reputation.

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She represents the Lovers [31] Arcana as a Confidant, and helps the protagonist negotiate along with the Shadows. The protagonist helps Sojiro after that Futaba reconcile; Sojiro asks Futaba to adjourn with him, and thanks the protagonist designed for reminding him not to take the at ease path in life. With little self-confidence, she feels that volleyball is the only affair she is good at. Futaba wants en route for defend Sojiro, but his coolness towards her causes them to argue. She has acoustic hallucinations of her extended family's reactions en route for the suicide note, and locks herself all the rage her bedroom. Madarame then pretended that the painting was stolen from him to burden sell copies of the original to clandestine collectors.

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He initially takes the form of the Blessed Grail, which is black before the arise of wishes for him to dominate the world revitalizes him and turns the cup gold. Learning their identities, she tasks the team with changing the heart of mafia boss Junya Kaneshiro. Shinya idolizes the Apparition Thieves, and the protagonist asks him designed for his help in defeating a cheating gamer in Mementos. Calmer than Caroline, she allay treats the protagonist as a prisoner after that guards the Velvet Room entrances in Mementos. The protagonist helps her by participating all the rage clinical trials to test her new medications, which she hopes will boost her authority. Despite his popularity at the arcade, he is swept up in a prank battle with his classmates and vows to accomplish an aggressive trait learned from his care for, Hanae. In her disillusionment with the Japanese judicial system, Sae develops a Palace representing envy in the form of a rigged casino where she always wins. His care for, unable to live with the shame of having a child out of wedlock, dedicated suicide.

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