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Mszacefron from Chicago, Ilomg. It's still a amusement, pop song though.

Let Me Be Your Dirty Little Secret Merrychristm

Dirty Little Secret

After I listen to the song, it barely seems to me as hiding someone along with you're cheating your girlfriend Lizzy from Potomac, Mdduh! Jules from Sand Springs, Okhaha this song is totally awesome! Kayla from Clarkton, Nci dont care what u guys assume i still like them!! Mitch from Additional York, Nyi think this song is add about keeping a girlfriend a secret as of everyone else rather then keeping a clandestine from someone.

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See a Problem?

Beans from Philadelphia, Pamatt you are so wrong,aar sounds totally diffrent from fall out child. Cody from Pitsburgh, Pai love this chant i have a serect bout this child i love so much but i argot tell her and i get sick appearance it Beans from Philadelphia, Paoh and contrasting most of you, i don't like the song because the all american rejects buzz it, i mean i like aar, although when i first heard it i had no idea who sang it, and it sounded really good in my opinion. They probably had the worst stage presence of all 5 bands but they were allay really good. There's a Fall Out child song that goes, I'll be your finest kept secret and your biggest mistake

Dirty Let Me Be Secret Merrychristm Little Your Introduction

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Mitch from New York, Nyi think this chant is more about keeping a girlfriend a secret from everyone else rather then care a secret from someone. Kayla from Clarkton, Nci dont care what u guys assume i still like them!! And they altogether rocked. AAR is the best band ever!!! All 5 bands were awesome.

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