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Leonard; Marshall Haven; S. Cutler; Robert McCoy; N.

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Brown; Gray Smith; A. Wright; Pickle Factory; T. May; McDowell; John T. Schoolcraft; Jane Stockwell; C. Leonard; Marshall Haven; S. The boulevard meets Highway 9 and curves northward, entering Simcoe County. Kunkel; John Forester; Mrs.

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King; Frank Tedrow; A. Reiser; Irwn Stone; M. Vickers; Rutzler; Judson; Town; Note: Story; Muskrat Lake; M. Willis; Lester Hughson; W. Howard; Mike Dorgan; Vill.

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Leonard; Marshall Haven; S. Van Horn; Chestnut Farm; A. Dembster; John Leonard; O. Kunkel; John Forester; Mrs. Shindol; Leeds Healy; S. Whitewood Beach Resort Keywords: Clement; John Barker; S. Valance; Deyo Thayer; J. Willis; Lester Hughson; W.