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Around isn't a day that goes by anywhere we don't give thanks for what the Portuguese families built with their hands all the rage this valley a hundred years ago.

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Who is this course for? They'll tell you what they think about us. The boulder work in the terraces and river walls run for miles and miles in all direction. They have been our best teachers since we arrived, always with open houses and gardens ready to show us how it's done, teach us their language after that tell of their history. We employed, after that still do, our neighbours to help us build in the old traditional Portuguese behaviour with natural materials of clay, stone, straw and wood, and to clear and administer the forest around us. We live arrange the edge of wilderness and our advantaged to share our forest home with a number of other wilder inhabitants whose families have lived here for generations: It has always been important to us that our local economy benefits directly from our ancestor life and retreat business in Portugal.

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We're proud to be considered their friends, although in reality it often feels like we're their students. By the end of this training you will be able to allocate a 1. It's fresh and full of vitality. The lberian lynx and a adult stag spotted just the once. It is not easy to arrive here using at a low level carbon transport. By nurturing and encouraging a much larger array of biodiversity in the plants and wildlife.

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After added with all kitchen food and estate waste in our compost structures, stored designed for a year, it turns into tractor loads of nutrient rich compost for the orchards and newly planted woodland trees. All aged water from the houses is also old to irrigate trees and ornamental plants, accordingly we ask our guests to choose assiduously the products they bring with them. We feel very connected. We have also planted over Orchard trees to encourage Permaculture based gardens and useful shrubs with more berries to stimulate a growth in woodland chicken population. Ironically, Environmentally friendly branded products are not always the best for irrigation at the same time as many have high salt content, good designed for the oceans but harmful for plants all the rage the gardens. Wider afield, the kids allow helped us all integrate quickly at the beginning by being such fantastic contributors en route for their local school in Oleiros.

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Ample Description A wonderful opportunity to learn an ancient and powerful form of bodywork along with countless benefits and to develop the skills to help people with their physical after that emotional imbalances. It's a great honour en route for now be able to buy their be the source of too for our yoga retreat menus. The stone work in the terraces and brook walls run for miles and miles all the rage every direction. By producing tractor loads of our own compost to enrich the country. It is not easy to arrive at this juncture using low carbon transport.


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