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He said the Saudi Embassy has no ability to stop anyone at the airport after that that such a decision would rest along with Thai officials.

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Alqunun's ordeal began when she fled from her family while in Kuwait and boarded a flight to Thailand, apparently taking advantage of being away from Saudi Arabia's restrictions arrange women who cannot travel abroad without a man's consent. For runaway Saudi women, fleeing can be a matter of life after that death, and they are almost always trying to escape male relatives. While the Saudi Embassy in Thailand denies Saudi authorities were involved in trying to stop Alqunun as of going to Australia, the kingdom has all the rage the past forced its citizens to arrival home. She was sent to a bar room, and told she would be deposit on a Monday morning flight to Kuwait. He noted her tweets mentioned she does not want Islam, adding that this brand of thing, in her country, is a hard crime. High Commissioner for Refugees alleged it expected to take at least being to evaluate her case and claims, according to Surachate, the Thai immigration police boss. Saudi Arabia denies its officials were catch up in any way.

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She told the BBC that she had renounced Islam and was fearful of her father's retaliation. Saudi Arabia's charge d'affaires in Bangkok, Abdullah al-Shuaibi, was quoted in Saudi media as saying that Alqunun was stopped as a result of Thai authorities because she did not act to have a return ticket, a bar reservation or itinerary to show she was a tourist. Earlier, Surachate had said so as to the Saudi Embassy had said she had run away from her parents and alleged she could be in danger. Despite efforts by the Saudi government to curtail the scope of male guardianship laws, women who try to flee their families in Saudi Arabia have few good options inside the kingdom.

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He said the Saudi Embassy has no ability to stop anyone at the airport after that that such a decision would rest along with Thai officials. UNHCR declined to release a few details of its meeting with her, although De Vincentiis noted a good spirit of collaboration so far with Thai officials. As a replacement for, she has been allowed to enter Thailand temporarily under the protection of the U. As the pressure grew, with concern expressed by Australian lawmakers, Germany's ambassador to Thailand and human rights agencies, Thai officials approved to allow U. But we will afford assistance nonetheless, he said. He later alleged Kuwait Airways had been at fault designed for allowing her to board her flight en route for Thailand without having proper travel documents. The embassy did not mention that she had rejected Islam. She was sent to a hotel room, and told she would be put on a Monday morning flight en route for Kuwait.

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They often are pressured to reconcile with their families, sent to shelters where their advance is restricted or face arrest for disobeying their legal guardian. Thailand is a acquire of smiles, he said. The airline did not immediately comment. It also underscored the limits of the reforms being pushed as a result of Saudi Arabia's powerful Crown Prince Mohamed basket Salman as he struggles to repair break to his reputation after the grisly assassination three months ago of Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents in Istanbul. She was forced to return to Saudi Arabia and was not publicly heard from all over again, according to activists tracking her whereabouts. Surachate said Alqunun's father was due to appear Monday night, and officials would see but she was willing to meet with him.

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