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Her legs started shaking violently as he traced a finger around her asshole; his slithering cock gliding over her engorged, helpless clitoris. Her bound wrists behind her back affected her back to arch and accentuate her tits, and her shapely legs, lifted all the rage the air and shackled by her ankles, made a perfect V and conveniently bare her upturned ass and succulent pussy. Lexi carefully kneeled down and lifted the agenda cloth, then winced as she saw anywhere his napkin had landed; all the approach in the right corner by the barrage. Earl made circles with the ice chop until it melted all over her cerise ass cheeks. Lexi bit her trembling brim as she envisioned the future late nights of ticklish torture she'd have to bear with Big Earl as her boss. A knee squeeze here and a pinch arrange her sides there sent her squealing after that dashing into the kitchen to compose herself, much to their entertainment. He nodded ahead to the men who'd assisted in detaining his lovely blonde hostage, who were evidently disappointed that their services were no longer needed. When he scrambled his fingers along her ass crack and back to her outer pussy again, she couldn't help submitting to the delicious throws of orgasm absolutely overtaking her body.

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I am truly very sorry. What's the affair, sugar? Same shit, different day. Go act your magic.

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I can't take it any more! He good-humouredly swayed the dastardly finger left and absolute as he trailed up and down her sensitive crack, eliciting fits of giggles after that screams from his bound victim. The cheering spectators hooted and hollered as Earl tickled the hysterical waitress' curvy thighs. He nodded up to the men who'd assisted all the rage detaining his lovely blonde hostage, who were clearly disappointed that their services were denial longer needed. How nice of you en route for have shaved it completely for me! Don't make me cuuummm!!! Looks like the amuse monster wants to come back out after that play! Before she could even see can you repeat that? was happening, the old devil traced a different ice cube along the curves of her rounded ass cheeks as he continued en route for rest one hand between her panty hosepipe clad privates, repetitively tickling her pussy lips with his tireless fingers.

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Lexi shuddered as she felt big Earl's exploring fingers descend between her legs. Once he reached his Semi, Earl tossed Lexi all the rage the cab and closed the door; locking it behind him so she couldn't acquire out. I promise I'll be on age from now on! After the unwanted although sensual tongue teasing of her privates, her clit was completely extended from it's bubble-like hood and thus felt every bump after that ridge as Earl's cock relentlessly tickled after that tortured its tiny prisoner. Earl made circles with the ice cube until it melted all over her pink ass cheeks. Lexi panicked and held onto the metal apart from for dear life, while swinging her absolute foot up onto another bar to allocate herself leverage. Earl ran his hands altogether over her supple body, testing how able-bodied the ropes held her in place.