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Constant though a line and a service allow different meanings, you will find that colloquially the word line is sometimes used after service or train is meant.

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NYC Subway: Chambers Street - The Most Rundown Station in the System

This makes sense because those are considered area trains. A solid black line between two stations means that there exists a animal passageway usually a tunnel allowing you en route for transfer between subway lines without leaving the subway system or requiring you to bash your MetroCard again. The subway stations Not surprisingly, subway stations appear as black after that white dots on the subway lines I explain the difference shortly. Trains that ban here are listed underneath the station appellation. From the above table, you can accompany that the 2 and 3 trains are generally express trains, but the 1 aim is a local train. Putting this acquaintance together, I hope you can deduce as of this picture that the A and C trains stop at Chambers St. It's baffling to say that you are taking the blue 8th Ave line, because the three services within them A, C and E go to entirely different endpoints and constant stop at different stations on the alike shared path. Surprisingly, however, subway station names are not unique.


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