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Ahead deputies' arrival, it was determined that the husband chased after the male with a 12 gauge shotgun and fired a about toward the fleeing male. I feel akin to myself and my son are the barely ones that are really sorry in this whole thing, and we haven't done everything

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Homeowner charged for shooting at teenager in Rochester Hills

The recent shooting at year old Brennan Hiker, at a home in Rochester Hills, although simply trying to find his way en route for school, by a white homeowner, is a different case-in-point. Watch the video here: A pretrial conference is scheduled for April 24, after that a preliminary exam is scheduled for Can 1. While the City cannot officially analysis on matters under investigation, I am face-to-face sickened by the initial reports and they suggest behavior completely unacceptable and inconsistent along with the character and values of our area. If there was a button I could press for me to pick what color I could be just so I wouldn't have to deal with this type of stuff, I would have to be your color so I could survive. I was trying to run away faster and I heard a gunshot, said Brennan. What are you going to do about it? Our city has a strong and unwavering certificate when it comes to acts of abhorrence.


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