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Absolutely my favorite in New Orleans, and there's plenty of competition for that title.

Visions New Orleans Strip Club

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Slight pushy shot girl ever asked shot? I wonder what they were doing? One child gave an unsolicited tour. One girl barbed out that I dropped a dollar. Although at least she had all her teeth. Definitely my favorite in New Orleans, after that there's plenty of competition for that award.

Strip Orleans Visions Club New

At the outset of all, this is not really constant a strip club. The only way en route for give the girls on stage any capital is to roll up a dollar amount into a ball and throw it by them. This is a brothel, plain after that simple. I did manage to stay at this juncture for a good while, mostly just en route for see if any guy was stupid a sufficient amount to fall for one of these bad girls' hustle. Just stay on Bourbon Avenue or go to Visions. Another girl had a pretty face but was heavy after that had lots of tattoos, including some considerably large unattractive tattoos on her large thighs. The prices for VIP are very above what be usual compared to other places I have been. Need a dart board to complete the effect though. Nowhere else to sit.


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