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A good deal of the housing stock in these areas consists of old pre-World War II single-family houses and post-war high-rises.

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North York has the largest Korean community all the rage Toronto, as they are mainly concentrated all the rage neighbourhoods around North York Centre. Jewish Canadians have a significant presence along Bathurst Avenue, which has been historically the largest Jewish community in Toronto and still is at present. Black Canadians are most prominent in the west end of North York, especially all along Jane Street and the areas nearby. October Learn how and when to remove this template message The district's central business area is known as North York Centrewhich was the location of the former city's administration and major corporate headquarters. One of the longest running community centres, the Kababayan Multicultural Centre, is located near Bathurst and Finch. Mid-century suburban cul-de-sac, North York consists of the largest West Asian population within the City of Toronto, as Iranians have a distinctive presence on the north end of Yonge Street. Esso gas station on Kingston Road. The inner ring suburbs of York and East York are older, predominantly middle-income areas, and ethnically diverse.

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A few neighbourhoods in North York have some of the highest percentages of Latin Americans all the rage all of Canada. The uniquely Torontonian bay-and-gable housing style is common throughout the early city. The following is a list of the more notable neighbourhoods, divided by the neighbourhoods' location based on the former municipalities, the names of which are still accepted and commonly used by Torontonians and are necessary for disambiguating duplicate street names. Although what did they look like before this process took place? Volleyball Canada made Downsview Park its headquarters and training facility.

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